Spice Factory: A Dream Made True

Pictures of the Spice Factory

At home, the survivors are not only stigmatized by others, but also experience crushing poverty and a dead-end future.

Back in their village in Southern Nepal, Deepa, Bimala, Kalpana, and Rita were forever marked with the scars of life in Bombay’s brothels, and especially of AIDS. But this group of survivors had a dream: to break the circle of hopelessness surrounding them.  

A group of survivors working at the Spice Factory.
Kalpana is the chairperson of the Women Cooperative who runs the factory.

They dreamed of starting their own income-generation project: a masala (spice) factory.  They would buy a grinding machine, spices in bulk, and rent a small room where they would grind and package the spices. Then they would go out to the market to sell them, and they would not be afraid of being called “Bombay girl”.

If only they had a way to start...

Some sponsors came in and the grinding machine was purchased in January 2003: the Masala Project was born.

The factory started with the purchase of this grinding machine in March 2003

Your donation will help make their dream a reality… before it is too late.